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    Forum is BACK…but only for a month!

    April 5th, 2013


    Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I was very busy traveling in and out of the US over the past few months as I had to temporarily sell my soul to Satan…I mean work. Nevertheless, I’m mainly back now so I will start working on the Hokuto and Hara related goodies starting next week so we can get some of that goodness to you ASAP.

    In the meantime, I reactivated the forum after I heard some peeps had complaints so you can save whatever posts you wish before we discontinue it in a month’s time due to the price hike of double what we used to pay (now $20 a month). Now, I guess we could keep the forum if you guys volunteered to donate the amount of $20 every month, otherwise we just won’t renew because it’s too expensive.

    Lastly, I would like to give my sincere congrats to Chaos and co. for all the great work they’ve done during my absence because they, much like the energizer bunny, have kept going and going with non step epic goodness for all! My respect to you all, gentlemen.

    Now go enjoy the forum by posting and saving yourselves silly before it will potentially be gone forever!


    We’re looking for a few good men! Editors, timers, and J->E transcribers, to be exact!

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    Hokuto no Gun is BACK! VIVA!

    June 2nd, 2011


    Hokuto no Gun is back!

    You guys heard right! We’re back and stronger than ever, and we now have our own official domain name to boot! WordPress just bumped us like we were yesterday’s news, but we bumped right back and are here to stay! That said, I’d really like to thank dxInt’s brilliant tech know-how and SystematicChaos for spending their valuable time on getting things up and running again. That said, we had to pay up front rather than monthly, so we need $150 in donations! This’ll cover the website cost for two full years! Also, we still pay another $10 a month for the forum so please remember that too when you donate. Other than that, get ready for some great releases coming your way.


    Edit by SystematicChaos: Sorry about the downtime. I created this account on vacation to a foreign country, and the IP address didn’t match my contact info, so they thought I was a fraud. But it’s all sorted out now.


    Saizen-HnG is in urgent need of J->E translators!

    Please take some time to keep the March 11 Sendai Earthquake in your thoughts, and do whatever you can do help out!

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    Hokuto no Gun’s Secret Development Unveiled!

    May 28th, 2011

    Hey, everyone. SystematicChaos here with some very special announcements.

    At Hokuto no Gun we’re constantly dedicated to bringing you more and more manly anime and manga.  Aside from what we are currently releasing, we have several projects in “secret development” that we haven’t officially announced. These projects are in varying stages of completion, some very close to being done and some that won’t be released for a while. But what I’d like to do today is get you all pumped and reveal what we currently have on the Hokuto no Gun Secret Development List, as well as give you even more updates!

    Remember when I announced that we’d be picking up Emblem Take II and Aah Harimanada? Well, the raws are almost here; I’ll get them in about a week! Once we get them, we’ll start making some significant progress!

    But that’s not the only anime series we’ve been working on. If you’ve been active on our forums or actually look at our projects page and progress report, you’ll notice that we’ve started Osu!! Karate Bu, an OVA filled with manly karate action, very similar to Otokojuku. It’s not quite the masterpiece Otokojuku is, but if you loved Otokojuku (as many of you do), I can guarantee you’ll like Karate Bu. This project is almost done and you should see the first episode in the next week or so!

    Speaking of Otokojuku, I’ve been coming down with a fever… Otokojuku fever, that is! We’re doing a bunch of the Otokojuku manga, because the anime series wasn’t enough manliness for us! We’re starting with the manliest origin story of all time: Peerless: The Legend of Edajima Heihachi! Now you, too, can learn what the Principal of Otokojuku was like before he became the Principal of Otokojuku!

    At the same time that we’re doing the previous generation, we’re also focusing on the next generation in Akatsuki!! Otokojuku: Young Men, Embrace the Great Death! It’s the sequel to Otokojuku, focusing on Tsurugi Momotaro’s son Shishimaru and a whole new generation of Otokojuku students, with even more manly battles than before!

    And finally, I know we’re gonna get some flak for this, but we’re doing the original Sakigake!! Otokojuku manga. We’ve found the translations currently out there to be unsatisfactory, hard to read, and mostly inaccurate, and Otokojuku deserves better! However, since it has already been translated and many of you have read it before, this will be lowest priority.

    Not a man? Otokojuku not your thing? Historical drama suit you better? Well there’s a little something for everyone (except lolicons) here at Hokuto no Gun: We present to you Keiji of the Flowers: On the Other Side of the Clouds! It’s a fictionalized account of the life of Maeda Keiji, one of the most eccentric samurai that ever lived! Drawn by Tetsuo Hara himself, so you’re sure to get good artwork, manliness, and lots of gore!

    Remember, guys, these projects will in no way slow down our current projects! So no complaining!

    And some good news for our Bo-bobo fans: We may have a new translation checker!

    That covers most of our secret development! Now let’s kick off this party with a little Legend of Edajima Heihachi!!

    Here’s chapter 01MediaFire

    Special thanks to morena684 of Rawmanga-BK for the scans, SpiritofHokuto20xx for proofreading, and Haku for the edit!

    Also: If anyone can scan volumes 8-10 of this manga, we’re missing them. We might also appreciate the scans of the Osu!! Karate Bu manga.

    Now for a major update of that projects page…

    Saizen-HnG is in urgent need of J->E translators!

    Please take some time to keep the March 11 Sendai Earthquake in your thoughts, and do whatever you can do help out!

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    Kinnikuman? In my Youtube? It’s more likely than you think.

    March 26th, 2011

    LoverofHokuto, sorry but I have to steal your thunder. This is urgent.

    Those of you who have been around for a while remember an incident in which Youtube user KinnikumanLegacy uploaded episodes of Kinnikuman subbed by HnG Muscle Subs without our permission. We do not want Kinnikuman uploaded to Youtube, because with Toei Animation so protective of their property, this unwanted attention could lead to an end to Kinnikuman translations. We threatened to cancel Kinnikuman until the videos were taken off Youtube, and in an excellent act of internet vigilantism, you all spammed his channel telling him to take Kinnikuman episodes off his channel. And it worked.

    Well folks, that time has come upon us yet again, as not one, but two people have been uploading Kinnikuman! Users Ettyrj and epserbaddazz2 have been uploading our fansubs to Youtube without our permission! It’s time to take arms once again, because I have no choice but to stall Kinnikuman indefinitely until these episodes are off Youtube!

    With that said, check below for the latest release of SnK, we’re in desperate need of translators, and don’t forget to read the About and FAQ page.

    EDIT: esperbaddazz2 only has to remove our subs of Kinnikuman. I don’t care if he leaves the Ultimate Muscle dubs up.

    EDIT2: Ettyrj seems to be moderating the comments on his channel, making them easy to ignore, so go for his videos too! Rate them down, post comments, etc.!

    EDIT3: esperbaddazz2 has apologized and removed the videos, so cut out the spam to his channel.

    EDIT4: The crisis is averted! Ettyrj has removed the videos! Kinnikuman is back on as scheduled!

    Hokuto no Gun to Collaborate with Saizen

    March 23rd, 2011

    You read that right: Hokuto no Gun is doing its first joint project! We’re teaming up with the guys over at Saizen Fansubs to help out with their project “Ashita no Joe“, a classic old boxing anime known as the Rocky of anime! Saizen has already released eighteen episodes of this show, and we’re just helping them speed things up a bit, since our timer and QC SpiritofHokuto20xx and our typesetter GonbeFAN want to see this done.

    That said, we could use a little more help to push this project onward. We need:
    A Japanese to English translator! We’re still looking for fresh talent as I’m running out of juice. I’ll be filling in until I can find a replacement, but I would rather find someone soon.
    A proofreader: This isn’t for Joe, this is for our manga projects. We need someone who really knows their English and is very thorough in their correcting! English majors preferred!

    And don’t forget to head on over to Saizen’s page to download the first 18 episodes!

    And in case you missed it, DD episode 4 is below!

    New Projects: Now Recruiting!

    November 24th, 2010

    Hokuto no Gun is proud for being “the little sub group that could,” but even we feel we’re spread too thin, and things could get released much quicker if we had a few extra staff. Particularly because there are a few new projects we might be picking up! First, a brief introduction to these projects:

    Emblem Take 2: The story of a yakuza member who gets a second chance at life, starting at the moment when things started going wrong the first time. A 2-part OVA filled with manly drama.

    Aah Harimanada: An anime that’ll make you stronger just by watching it! All about a yokozuna declaring that he will break the winning streak record in sumo and turning the whole sumo association against him! Ran for 23 episodes in total.

    Now that we’ve got your manly spirits pumped up, here’s what we need:

    Timers: Willing to do a bit of a simple, tedious, but vital job? Apply to be a timer!

    Translation Checker: Are you bilingual in English and Japanese? Can you detect translation errors in subtitles? We could really use you!

    Proofreader/Quality Checker: This one’s for both our manga and anime projects, and we could use a bunch of you. We need people who are really nit-picky and able to suggest rewordings of lines of translations in order to make the script more natural!

    If you’re interested, comment here and a HnG staff member will email you with more details (your comment email is only visible to us)! We may have a screening process you will be required to go through.

    DISCLAIMER: These projects will not interfere with any of our current projects!

    EDIT: This is NOT a request thread! This is announcing the projects we will be doing, and this is all we can take! Read our About & FAQ tab next time before you comment!

    The Sakigake!! Otokojuku Box Set has been ordered!

    July 2nd, 2010

    LoverOfHokuto(Avatar)Ladies and gentlemen, the lines for Sakigake!! Otokojuku are officially closed! We’ve now got the money needed to put in the order thanks to our kind and generous fans! I’d like to say a big thanks to all Donors, great and small, who really came through for the fans and provided us the means to buy this rather expensive Japanese box set. Now, I don’t want to belittle any contributions, but I’d especially like to give a big thanks to FuSpu for his very generous contribution followed by a nice sum by Jwieke who has also donated in the past as well. I’d also like to say thank you to order2chaos, o0apex0o, our very own and frequent donor SpiritofHokuto20xx, Mpeuyn and serenity for their contributions as well. That said, I’d also like to thank all previous donors who have contributed toward our maintenance in the past and we hope you will still continue to support us in paying for our monthly forum and maintenance. Lastly, I’d also like to add that we made a little ranking system in the Donors page to acknowledge everyone’s help, so we hope you like the categories. Thanks again guys and get ready for more non stop Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and of course, our beloved Hokuto!

    PS: I also hope someone can provide us with the Bobobo Japanese DVDs because that series will cost much more than Otokojuku. If anyone has the DVDs or very good quality raws, please send them our way.

    EDIT: We have discovered that there are glitches in our latest Sakigake!! Otokojuku batch torrents, so we advice you to download our glitch-free Megaupload releases instead. We have in turn taken off the links to the Batch torrents until we sort this out, so expect a forthcoming batch torrent in future.

    HnG Members Lost in Deadly Alpaca Typhoon!

    June 29th, 2010

    Okay, so I lied about the typhoon. But we have lost a very capable member of Hokuto no Gun. Our main Hokuto translator Seven Stars, who did a whole assortment of other things for the group (including SOJ and GSR), has officially gone MIA, leaving a gaping hole in his midst (He’s doing fine, though, not to worry). Not to mention we were already understaffed as it is.

    With that, I would like to announce that Hokuto no Gun is now recruiting all positions! If you have any skills in fansubbing, or would like to learn, please let one of us know immediately! We especially need:

    Japanese -> English Translators: Must be fluent in both, and willing to do both translations and translation checking.
    Typesetters: Must be able to do .ASS typesetting, create karaoke, typeset signs, all that good stuff.
    DVD RAW Providers: Come on, guys! Someone’s got to have at least one Bo-bobo DVD out there…
    Torrent Creators: We could always use more of these, seeing how our new torrent creator balls’d up on Otokojuku…

    Ah, what the hell, who am I kidding? No one’s ever stepped up to any recruitment drives in the past. Well maybe they will this time when I announce that ALL HOKUTO HNG RELEASES WILL BE WITHHELD AND OUR OTHER PROJECTS WILL UNDERGO A MAJOR SLOWDOWN UNLESS PEOPLE JOIN! We will still be working on whatever little we have of them, but until we get everyone we need, we will only make one release per new recruit! This is official and will not be overturned by incessant whining!

    PS: We also still need donations for Otokojuku!

    Temporary Drought Period at HnG!

    April 21st, 2010

    Yes guys, you heard me correctly.

    We are indeed suffering a drought period due that darn Icelandic volcanic ash that is causing so much chaos and disruption. Ok ok, truth is, we’re in a drought period because I’ve been insanely busy at work, some of the staff have got exams, but more importantly, because both of our manga editors are out of commission due to severe computer problems. That said, we do have some chapters ready for editing, but we’re just going have to be patient and wait for our editors to get their computers problems sorted out.

    Now, don’t get too gloomy because there is some light at the end of this drought tunnel.

    1. We should hopefully get a final encode of Toki Den relatively soon.
    2. I’m going to send the Yuria Den script to SC for a final check in a couple of days.

    Happy April Fool’s!

    April 1st, 2010

    Okay, so it’s midnight my time and thus the joke’s officially over.

    This was all an April Fool’s joke, and it wasn’t a very good one. It was one I just thought up in the spur of the moment with full realization that it was very highly unlikely and not at all trustworthy. And yet a number of you fell for it. I guess this shows we have a bunch of gullible fans!

    To set the record straight, there will NOT be Akashachi Gaiden, Juuza Gaiden is NOT cancelled, Araki Hirohiko is NOT drawing anything HnK-related (though that would be awesome), we are NOT picking up this project, Wimmo is NOT returning, and we are NOT dropping anything.

    Also, I hate to be a fanboy, but to those of you in the comments: Shachi was the Hokuto Ryuken guy. Akashachi was the pirate. Make sure you get those straight.

    For those of you that missed the joke, here’s the original post:

    We at Hokuto no Gun have just learned from a very reliable source that due to lame artwork, Juuza Gaiden will be prematurely cancelled, and Comic Bunch will replace it with a much more awesome Akashachi Gaiden. Most of the details about this new project are top-secret, including its release date, so not even we know much about it, but according to the most recent rumors, this Gaiden will be drawn by none other than Araki Hirohiko.

    The HnG Staff are very excited about this new release and will begin translating it as soon as it comes out. We will be dropping all of our other projects just so we can focus on this piece of pirate awesomeness. Rumors have it that even Wimmo will return just so he can translate this manga. We are excited to bring you this incredible Gaiden to you, and we hope you will enjoy it!