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    About & FAQ


    This site was initially created (as the name implies for those who know their Hokuto) to fight for and promote any unreleased Hokuto/Souten no Ken anime/manga. Once the team got going though, and especially after some of our priority Hokuto projects were translated, our trigger happy translator SystematicChaos decided to continue to spread the love by taking head on some classic old school anime that were either mistreated or unreleased in the English speaking world. Thus, our horizons expanded, the Project managers multiplied, and more projects came into fruition without being detrimental to each other. That means you lucky fellas are going to get some kick ass and forgotten anime releases instead of the typical mainstream popular anime that keeps getting churned out these days by multiple groups. So, if you like these forgotten classics as much as we do, don’t forget to visit, support, help if possible, and participate in our Forum and IRC Channel.


    1. No Requests!
    a) We will not sub or scanlate your favorite shows JUST because you want us to!
    b) We will not upload our stuff on any other sites other than Filecloud and MediaFire. If you start crying like a little girl that these sites don’t work in your country or that they don’t suit you, then wait for the torrent!
    These offenses WILL receive a disemvowelment followed by ridicule! You have been warned!

    2. No Whining!
    a) We don’t care if you love one series more than another and are just DYING to see it ASAP.
    b) We don’t care if you want softsubs instead of hardsubs!
    c) We don’t care if you’d do things differently!
    Your price for doing so? An immediate disemvowelment!

    3. No Asking to Update Links on Posts Over 10 Days Old:
    Over the years we’ve gone through many different filehosting sites prior to settling on Filecloud, and many of our old links have gone dead since. We currently keep all our anime files up on Filecloud with working links, but we don’t have time to edit a years-old post every time we replace a link. For your convenience and ours, all up-to-date links are kept in our Downloads page, so don’t go asking us to replace them in old posts!
    Likewise for manga, chapter releases become obsolete once the full volume is released. We will keep any links for chapters on the front page up, but once they go past, they’re gone. Just download the volume.
    If you decide to go digging through the archives and encounter a dead link, and your first reaction is not to turn to our handy-dandy Downloads page but to tell us the link’s down, you will pay an immediate disemvowelment and your name will be turned into a hyperlink for the Downloads page!

    4. No Spoilers:
    If you decide to be an Anal Tard and try and spoil a series we’re working on for the rest of us, then you’ll suffer disemvowelment and be called out for the Decrepit Rectum that you are.

    5. No Gay Porn!
    We’ve had some gaynal stalkers in the past who’ve tried to lust after our manliess by trying to turn this site into a forum for their carnal desires. This offense will be punished by deletion or worse.


    Carried over from the forums:

    1. Don’t be rude or insulting to others. There’s a fine line between civilized argument and insulting. The mod team expects you to understand this difference, but here are some examples to clarify:

    Okay: I’m not a fan of Anime A. The art really bothers me.
    Okay: Don’t like the art style. I think it gets X, Y and Z all wrong.
    Not Okay: I can’t stand Anime A because the art is retarded.
    Not Okay: Eww, what possible reason would you have to like Anime A?
    Definitely Not Okay: Anime A is retarded, and so is anyone that doesn’t like it!

    2. Know the difference between facts and opinions. Facts are things which are objectively true about reality. Opinions are the subjective judgments we make about reality. Emphasis on subjective. You’re certainly free to express yourself, but posting with the pompous attitude that your opinion is absolutely correct isn’t acceptable behavior here.

    Fact: The FotNS movie was released in 1986.
    Opinion: The FotNS movie is not entertaining.

    3. Do not discuss politics/religion/nationalism here. This isn’t the appropriate place to discuss Obama’s new tax plan, or how much you’re irritated by the French. We’re here to enjoy anime and manga, so let’s do it, shall we?

    4. At the end of the day, you are held responsible for the things you say. It’s up to the mod team collectively to interpret the point at which rule violations occur, and what steps to take as a result of this. Please keep in mind that you are fully in control of what you type and will be treated as such.

    5. Enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of the mods.


    What anime/manga will/won’t you guys sub?
    First and foremost, HnG is dedicated to doing anything related to Hokuto no Ken, short of the series itself (which was done by HeartofMadness). This includes the Shin Kyuseishu Densetsu movies and OVAs, the Gaiden spin-off manga, and the prequel Souten no Ken. We will not do anything that has already been licensed for an English release, so don’t ask.
    Secondly, we will sub just about anything so long as a) there are no satisfying translations available elsewhere, and b) one of the group members wants to do the project. We will not sub anything that another group has subbed decently, or anything that has been licensed for a decent English release. In the cases of anime such as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Kinnikuman Nisei, we have ruled that the dubs were poorly done enough to warrant a decent release.

    I’m a big fan of anime XYZ and it’s never been translated. Can you guys sub it?
    If you translate it, and provide the timers, typesetters, encoders, and just about everything you need for the project. But really, then you may as well just form your own group. Fact is, with only one translator and meager numbers of the rest of our staff, we’re spread very thin and can’t afford another project. Plus, there’s no guarantee any of us will like the show, and there’s nothing worse than translating a show you don’t like. Any requests to sub or scanlate will face disemvowelment or worse.

    Can you provide download links to group ABC’s translations of anime/manga XYZ?
    No. You’re an idiot. Learn what a sub group is, and while you’re at it, learn how not to suck at life.

    When is the next episode/chapter coming out?
    When it’s done. Fact is, we have lives. We can’t devote all of our time to fansubbing. Some of us are busy with our jobs, others have school, etc. You can see how far along in the process we are by looking at the progress report. Otherwise, if you really can’t wait for us to release the next episode, you need to get a life.

    Why are some projects higher priority than others?
    There are a number of reasons, actually. For one thing, Hokuto no Ken releases will always take priority. For our anime projects, most of the priorities are determined by length, so we can get over one before moving on to the other. Genshi Shonen Ryu is the exception, however. That said, it is important to note that since SC is the project manager of all the current non Hokuto projects, LoH’s absence would not affect them at all.

    But you released more Kinnikuman than Bo-bobo lately!
    The fact is, the overlap between the staff working on Bo-bobo and Otokojuku is way, way larger than the overlap with Kinnikuman staff. So while we’re having a bit of congestion in Otokojuku that’s keeping us from Bo-bobo, Kinnikuman is clear for more releases.

    Can I donate to up the priority of series XYZ?
    We definitely appreciate donations because they help us with acquiring rare DVD raws and maintaining the server costs for the forum. Unfortunately, donations are not sufficient to move our hearts of stone.

    Did you drop series XYZ?
    We have a policy of never dropping projects. So while a project may be taking a ridiculously long time to release, it is not dropped, just stalled. We will get back on it whenever our group members have the time to work on it. The only exception is if a series is licensed for US release (see: Raoh Gaiden anime), and the only exception to that exception is if they do a shitty job of it (see: S’more Entertainment). But for the most part, we will respect and support official releases.

    Why are you redoing series XYZ?
    We try our best to avoid redoing a series that’s already been translated into English. But in some cases, the existing translation is so awful that the series deserves a redo (see: anything translated by StrangerAtaru). If that’s the case, we don’t want to hear about the inferior translations, so any complaining related to them will result in a disemvowelment.

    Why do you release AVI? It sucks!
    Oh, stuff it. We have many fans who prefer the AVI format because it’s far more versatile and can be played on most DVD players and gaming systems, whereas MKV can’t. We’re providing both options at the moment, but we’re not forgoing one for the sake of the other.

    Why are your MKVs hardsubbed? That’s just retarded!
    Simple. Because softsubs are easier to steal subtitles from. We’ve had too many instances of people stealing our subs and releasing them under their own name, even from our hardsubs. We don’t want to make the process easier for them.

    Why do you localize your translations?
    Translation: Why don’t you keep every single “san” and “desu” in your subtitles? Because it’s professional. The goal of translation is to make it as accessible to English-speaking fans as possible, not to keep the language as untouched as possible. We believe in translation, not transcription. Not convinced? Watch this.

    Because you sound like a retard, that’s why.

    You promised such-and-such but didn’t do it!
    We don’t make promises. Except that we don’t drop projects.

    How can I join Hokuto no Gun?
    Simply drop us a line on the comments or on the forums. We’d love to have more staff, translators in particular. Of course, there are requirements. See the “Join” page at the top for more information.

    You guys suck! I hate you!
    Chances are, if you’ve ever thought this, you’ve told this to us ten million times, so we probably hate you too. Well here’s a news flash for you: you don’t have to visit this site!!! You can forget we ever existed and move on and get a life! But if you insist on crawling back to us because we give you good anime that you want translated, you can just suck our eighteen-foot schlongs!

    Who is this Freezer I keep hearing about?
    “Freezer” is the most commonly known alias of the biggest gaynal retard in the history of the Internet. After a brief phase of being an all-around whiny jerk, we banned him from the forums. Since then, he’s gone quite flamboyant and posting gay porn on our site. He has also posted hate messages to group leader LoverofHokuto and stalked translator SystematicChaos. We’ve blocked his twenty million IP addresses, but he insists on finding ways to bypass our block. He also goes by the names of “zamunda”, “Baki”, “Del”, and most recently, “Dowit”. If you see him, notify us immediately!

    ‘v bn dsmvwld! Wht d  d?
    Consider disemvowelment a warning. You’ve read the rules already, so don’t break them anymore.

    My posts aren’t showing up! What do I do?
    Congratulations, you’ve managed to piss us off enough for us to not even care enough to disemvowel or ridicule you. If this happens, consider yourself dead in our eyes.

    Either that, or you just wrote “thx.” Comments with nothing but “thx” get automatically filtered by the spam filter. We suggest you say a bit more than just “thx,” both because of this and because we really do care about your comments (which is why we made a bunch of rules for them).

    Is this legal?
    Fansubbing’s a grey area, to say the very least, and you’ll have some people disagreeing whether fansubbing is legal when a show is not licensed or whether it’s flat out piracy. As mentioned before, we try to avoid licensed shows, but while we may rationalize that the translated alternatives don’t do the series justice, that might not hold out in a court of law. So far we haven’t received a C&D order, so we’re going to keep going unless we do.
    But as for you, the fans, you are downloading our releases at your own risk. You need to take responsibility, find out what the copyright laws are in your country, and act accordingly. Hokuto no Gun will not take legal responsibility if you are prosecuted for downloading our fansubs.