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    SnK vol.19 ch.219 & 220

    LoverOfHokuto(Avatar)Here’s chapter 219 (SnK manga): MediaFire
    Here’s chapter 220 (SnK manga): MediaFire

    244 HIT COMBO!
    A fight, a flashback, a scar and a hat all double ribbed for your pleasure!

    Don’t forget to scroll down for Aah Harimanada and Akatsuki!! Otokojuku!

    We’re looking for a few good men! Editors and timers, to be exact!

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    7 responses to “SnK vol.19 ch.219 & 220”

    1. Toguro Bruto says:

      Muito obrigado! :D

    2. ZombieToaster says:

      Double the fun!

    3. Destroyer Ring says:

      Young (bratty) Ryuken and Evil Cowboy Toki are always a good way to start the day.

    4. Sonofsamson says:

      No, Evil Cowboy Toki looks much more like Han, from HNK 2.

      Thank you for the new chapters.

    5. Benny says:

      Two chapters – awesome! Thank you.

    6. KSMLM says:

      The return of one of my favorite characters!

    7. Kyleplus says:

      Legends :)

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