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    Hawkwood vol. 01 ch. 01 (Manga)

    Here’s chapter 1 (Hawkwood Manga): MediaFire

    2265-HIT COMBO!
    What-ho, knaves and wenches! It’s another historical manga! And for those of you who’ve seen enough interpretations of Oda Nobunaga to stage a Shakespeare play and are itching for something new, this time we’re going into European history with the Hundred Years’ War, the most inefficient war in all Western history! So mount up your steeds (and don’t just cop out with coconuts), lower your visor, and prepare to charge into this story of knights and mercenaries. For Saint-Michel!

    Special welcome to new editors Lay, who will be the regular typesetter for this series, and Achiyf, who did an awesome job with joining the color page, and who will be taking over on another oft-requested series we’ll be bringing back soon!

    Don’t forget to visit HappyScans’ website!

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    3 responses to “Hawkwood vol. 01 ch. 01 (Manga)”

    1. Sleepy says:

      Looks rad! Thanks doods.

    2. DekaBlack says:

      Looks great! :D

    3. Karyundara says:

      Looks really interesting, i really love medieval theme, and those armors and weapons look accurate, please keep working on this, i couldn’t find any other english sub

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