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    Kinnikuman episode 71 (Anime)

    Here’s episode 71 of the Kinnikuman anime!

    AVI UC | MKV UC | AVI & MKV Torrent

    2267-HIT COMBO!

    Who is this mysterious Chojin that’s making its appearance. With Kinnikuman facing the most devlish Devil Knights so far, Planetman, is Kinnikuman gonna rock his universe? Is the mysterious axe-wielding Chojin friend or foe? And will Kinkotsuman and Iwao ever find a job?

    Time to Muscle Up!

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    4 responses to “Kinnikuman episode 71 (Anime)”

    1. Kanji says:

      Thanks guys! As always!

    2. Yasir Hikaru says:

      Oh God thank you so much , i hope this it will be continue every weeks

    3. Caio says:

      Kinnikuman is always the best <3

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