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    Kengan Asura vol. 11 ch. 84 (Manga)

    Here’s chapter 84 (Kengan Asura manga): MediaFire

    2239-HIT COMBO!
    It’s back, baby! And can our hot-blooded hero win this tournament, fight his rival, and save the whales? Or will we have to call in Captain Kirk for that last one?

    As some of you may have heard, there’s been a delay in this project and a bunch of other ones because our main editor Kazu had a family emergency. I don’t want to reveal any personal details but it was quite a serious one, to the point that I’m honestly surprised that he bounced back as quickly as he did. And as devoted as we both are to bringing this manga we love to you, our real lives always come first. But trust me when I say I wouldn’t have accepted a delay in Kengan if it wasn’t something really serious. And while he is back in action here, he’s still pretty shaken up and coping with what happened, so please don’t stop giving him your support!

    Now, those of you I’ve interacted with on this site and elsewhere have been nothing short of supportive and understanding in spite of your enthusiasm for this series, and I cannot appreciate you enough for that. I can definitely say that Kengan fans are for the most part great people. But if you see anyone anywhere else on the ‘net complaining about this delay, or complaining about how far behind the raws we are, or that we’re not catching up like the crew that did Kingdom, then please, kindly tell them to go fuck themselves for me, because they’re dicks.

    And that’s it from me! Enjoy, and look forward to the next one a little sooner!

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    4 responses to “Kengan Asura vol. 11 ch. 84 (Manga)”

    1. DekaBlack says:

      Complaining? This is hard work and deserves respect. If i have to wait, i’ll wait. And in any case, thanks again.

    2. Victor3y says:

      Really appreciate Kazu coming back to translate this despite the difficulties he might be going through.

      It’s just a manga but reading it brightens up my day. I hope Kazu gets even just a little bit of the joy he’s bringing to all the Kengan readers. My best to him as he goes through this difficult time

    3. blankat says:

      Thanks so much for your dedication to Kengan Asura! I’ve been checking the site for the last week looking for this, but I’ll wait plenty more if you really need the time. The people complaining are just spoiled by your amazingness.
      Once again, thank you so much for this!

    4. Quad634 says:

      Thanks for working on Kengan Asura! I would never have found it if not for you guys. It replaced Baki as my favorite fighting manga!

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