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    Kengan Asura vol. 09 ch. 74 (Manga)

    Here’s chapter 74 (Kengan Asura manga): MediaFire

    2139-HIT COMBO!
    Wow. Just need a lot more experience and way more masks, and this guy would pretty much be Harimanada.

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    6 responses to “Kengan Asura vol. 09 ch. 74 (Manga)”

    1. Andrew says:

      I’m a huge fan of this manga, enough so that it brought me to your site after looking into who was doing the translating. even though your FAQ page slightly terrified me that i would be pooped on by you guys for commenting something stupid, i wanted to say thanks for giving me a great read each week!

      • SystematicChaos says:

        Hey, no worries! I’m really glad that you’re appreciating this series! And don’t worry about commenting something stupid; chances are if the FAQ page terrifies you, you’re probably not who it’s written for.

    2. anonfaker says:

      Alright I’ve read the rules before I ask so I don’t think this is violating anything… You gonna update/add the Batch/Volume dl links for Kengan Asura 5+?

    3. Mopf says:

      Hey Question i know that Kengan Asura Raws are out until Chap 194
      You guys do like weekly Translation because u got so many other projects?
      Im just Curious :3

      • SystematicChaos says:

        The typesetter has made it very clear he can’t handle more than one per week. Keep in mind that there were already 11 volumes out when I discovered it so we were already way behind. We’d rather keep a steady pace than burn out trying to catch up.

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