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    Karate Apocalypse vol. 01 ch. 01 (Manga)

    Here’s chapter 1 (Karate Apocalypse manga): MediaFire

    1962-HIT COMBO!
    Alright, folks, buckle up because it’s time for the apocalypse! But not just your ordinary boring apocalypse, this is the Karate Apocalypse! And if the title’s not enough for you, this is also by the writer of Riki-Oh (not Saruwatari though, he was just the artist), so you know it’s going to be an action-packed thrill ride worthy of an 80s movie! But for now, because no good deed goes unpunished, here’s a guy in juvy for saving a girl from rape.

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    3 responses to “Karate Apocalypse vol. 01 ch. 01 (Manga)”

    1. Deka Black says:

      With a title like this, i’m in!

    2. Sleepy says:

      YES YES YES. Thank you!

    3. Avi says:

      Thank you. I always see these cool untranslated manga and it isn’t long before I see a group like yours tackle it. It takes a lot to live up to Riki-Oh though.

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