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    Fatal Fury vol. 02 ch. 10 & Complete Volume 2 (Manga)

    Here’s chapter 10 (Fatal Fury manga): MediaFire
    Here’s Volume 2 (Fatal Fury manga): MediaFire

    1966-HIT COMBO!
    And of course, this wouldn’t be an Ishikawa manga without the power of demons ‘n shit, facing off against the awesome powers of Deus Ex Machina.
    Thanks for sticking through the wait for this short manga. I know that some of you probably got tired of waiting, but now that it’s out, all I have to ask is…

    Read our Rules Section right HERE to avoid disemvowelment, deletion or worse!

    3 responses to “Fatal Fury vol. 02 ch. 10 & Complete Volume 2 (Manga)”

    1. Deka Black says:

      We are very OK ;)

    2. Geese1 says:

      Thanks for all your work on the series!

    3. Thank you very much for completing the project (I followed him from 2015!).

      Now that the SNK company has returned to its original name, you translate the group’s other works related to this software house?

      If you want to find the raw on some of them.

      Greetings and thanks.

      Sorry for my English.

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