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    Kinnikuman episode 70 (Anime)

    September 29th, 2017

    Here’s episode 70 of the Kinnikuman anime!

    AVI UC | MKV UC | AVI & MKV Torrent

    2195-HIT COMBO!

    Welcome back Muscle Fans to another episode!

    Welcome to witnessing a man made of planets riding a roller coaster. Coz even the baddies feel like taking a break every once in a while. Get ready for Kinnikuman’s fight against the 2nd deadly fight against the Knights!

    Muscle Up!

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    Osu!! Karate Bu vol. 14 ch. 138 (Manga)

    December 31st, 2015

    Here’s chapter 138 (Osu!! Karate Bu manga): MediaFire

    1557-HIT COMBO!
    You put up a good fight, Morigami. Now it’s time to rest…

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    Babel vol. 01 ch. 01 (Manga)

    December 18th, 2015

    Here’s chapter 1 (Babel manga): MediaFire

    1544-HIT COMBO!
    And we’ve got yet another manga for you! No, sorry, this isn’t more Babel II (we haven’t dropped it, but we are dealing with losing a translator so it’ll take a bit of time before it gets back on track). Instead, it’s a supernatural thriller written by Kinoshita Hanta, a novelist famous for “The Nightmare Elevator”, “The Nightmare Ferris Wheel”, and several other novels in the people-trapped-in-a-claustrophobic-setting genre, and drawn by Inoue Noriyoshi, most famous for Mad Bull 34 and a whole bunch of other great and awesome manga that no one in the West seems to know or even care about… Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with a creative team like that, and this time-travelling thriller sure hits the spot! So stay tuned to see how the story goes…

    Read our About & FAQ tab before the thought of commenting even crosses your mind!